Printing industry shows tend to attract trade press journalists and editors like bees to a honeypot and veteran industry journalist Gareth Ward is no exception. So when the Print Show opened its doors at the NEC it was no surprise that he was in attendance, operating from a Print Business stand right in the heart of the show where The Gill caught up with him for a chat.


Ward is one of the last great industry trade press editors. The other greats have either retired; are doing something absolutely fabulous in fashion; or are propping up the bar in the great IPEX in the sky, but not the Kate Adie of print with his trademark titfa. 


One day there will be a pint upstairs with his name on it, as there will be for most of us I guess, but Wardie’s will be the only one going flat because there is still so much more going on in our industry that he needs to be telling you about.