Floor graphic are fast becoming the norm and we are used to seeing them used in supermarkets, shopping arcades, airports, stations and exhibition halls to promote products or point customers towards an area of interest. 


The latest product on the scene is SpotOn Floor 200, an 8mm (200ยต) embossed printable white matte monomeric PVC film for short-term, indoor floor graphics applications. 


This new film can be applied to multiple flooring surfaces including floor or ceramic tiles, sealed wood or concrete, waxed vinyl, marble, terrazzo surfaces, and more. It also features a post-printed anti-slip rating of R10 (according to DIN 51130:2010) which allows for vibrant, slip-resistant floor graphics without the need for over-lamination, which helps to keep down the cost of production.



SpotOn is perfect for short-term indoor applications. It is cost effective, simple to print and apply, and can be quickly and cleanly removed.


SpotOn is manufactured by Drytac and is distributed exclusively in the UK by Antalis.


Image courtesy of Customark Limited Floor Stickers.