Zünd UK has installed a swissQprint Impala 3 flatbed printer at its state-of-the-art demonstration centre in St Albans. This allows visitors to experience a high-end print and cut workflow in a professional setting, during forthcoming partnership events and individual demonstrations. 


swissQprint and Zünd both share the same unique Swiss manufacturing ethos and carry the famous Swiss Cross. Another similarity is that each company bases production around a modular design to ensure that each end user has the perfect configuration to meet their needs – both upon installation and in the future. This is why professionals the world over have come to regard swissQprint’s high-end UV inkjet printers and Zünd’s cutting portfolio to be the de facto solution for end-to-end printing and cutting workflows. 


“swissQprint and Zünd have an obvious synergy, as prestigious, high-quality OEMs with shared customer profiles,” explains Erskine Stewart, managing director of swissQprint UK. “Swiss quality is something that customers take great pride in. It means investing in quality upfront and benefitting from it for the next ten years. This is what makes Zünd and swissQprint unique. We both stand for long-term reliable quality and innovative products.” 


Zünd UK’s customer demonstration centre is situated at the company’s headquarters in St Albans, Hertfordshire. The state-of-the-art demonstration centre is a dedicated facility fully equipped with the latest generation of digital flatbed cutting machines and software solutions to provide visitors with the most comprehensive and informative demonstrations. With Zünd’s G3, S3 and D3 precision cutting machines all in action showcasing multiple applications including signage, roll graphics, packaging, leather cutting and composite manufacturing. A visit to the demonstration centre offers current and potential customers an opportunity to get acquainted with Zünd’s impressive cutting portfolio and swissQprint’s Impala 3 flatbed printing machine. 


The compact, user-friendly 2.5 x 2 m Impala 3 flatbed from swissQprint is configured for eight colours (CMYK, light Cyan, light Magenta, light Black) plus white. It can produce high quality prints on virtually any substrate at a maximum speed of 180 m2/h. All current swissQprint inks are now Greenguard Gold certified. This widens the scope for users, with printed products that are safe for use in critical indoor environments such as schools and hospitals. 


According to Zünd UK’s managing director Nicki Kay, these two brands and their respective technologies will demonstrate a seamless workflow. “We frequently demonstrate print-to-cut and automated workflow solutions and actively encourage customers to bring their own materials and cut files for application testing on our Zünd cutters,” she says. “By combining two great Swiss brands and their respective technologies we can demonstrate a seamless workflow and showcase how our solutions can work in tandem, as well as being outstanding in their own right.”

"Switzerland and its people have a long standing, well earned reputation of inventing and manufacturing some of the finest, most durable, most functional, best designed, most robust, most useful, most precise and most secure products in the world. Nothing could be finer than a combination of Swiss precision printing from swissQprint and Swiss precision digital cutting from Zünd. It’s a match made in Switzerland. "