Printing companies and printing suppliers seeking to make their workplace safer during the current COVID-19 crisis should consider installing a Steribase air cleaning system now being provided by IST METZ in co-operation with Virobuster. 


By reducing micro-organisms in the air, infection risk is greatly reduced.The Steribase systems feature patented UVPE (Ultraviolet Pathogenic Elimination) for air disinfection. They deactivate micro-organisms harmful to humans, the environment and food. 


The Steribase 300 Plus (£5,020) is a mobile unit that is ideal for medical applications but the wall mounted Steribase Wall 150 Basic B114 (£3,575) is well suited to industrial environments. The units are simple to install and quick to commission and offer a high clean air delivery rate. 


 Steribase systems have already been installed in medical, transport and industrial environments. They were developed following studies early in the 21st century that proved the significant effect air quality had on infection rates.

"Having clean air protects staff and visitors and works well as part of an overall hygiene policy in the current COVID-19 crisis. Companies should also encourage good disciplines with hand washing, clean surfaces, clean tools, clean clothing and clean water."