swissQprint large format printers are renowned for their print quality, and yet the Swiss manufacturer never seems to tire of further optimising them. The latest additions - launched recently at FESPA - are two new UV LED flatbed printers in the Impala LED and Nyala LED. 


These new models are said to operate with even greater precision than their predecessors, and LED curing makes them highly versatile, profitable, as well as environmentally friendly thanks to low energy consumption, and no ozone or mercury waste.



LED curing can significantly reduce power consumption, and this comes thanks to the maintenance-free nature of the lamps and their modest power consumption, which is said to be 50 percent less than a conventional UV system.


According to swissQprint’s Maurus Zeller both printers come with a hybrid roll-to-roll option which has also been given a bit of an overhaul. “A new control element ensures even more precise measuring results and thus impeccable printing. This combined with cool LED curing makes for stress-free processing of heat-sensitive roll media, because the material warps less.”


Speaking of heat-sensitive media, LED curing extends the general diversity of applications. Thin films, paper, board and delicate textiles for example can all be handled by these printers. There is also no need for expensive special LED ink: swissQprint UV inks cure both under mercury vapour lamps and under the new LED system. In the latter case, the output software automatically adjusts the UV output power to the material and the printing speed. This also helps users to achieve consistently optimal curing results.


swissQprint launched what the company calls a 4×4 version of its existing Impala and Nyala series in early 2017. Impala LED and Nyala LED are optionally available in this version as well, meaning that they come configured with quadruple CMYK for impressive quality at high printing speed. This makes them suited to users requiring high output with uncompromising quality and vivid colours. High-quality POS items, displays, posters, banners, backlit and other similarly demanding media are just some of the applications.


Finally, production speed freaks are well catered for with the Nyala LED topping 206 square metres an hour at full-chat, while the Impala LED will give you a top speed of 180 square metres an hour.