Recognising the demand for PPE, Leicester-based Robert Farfort, CEO of digital printing company Data Image Group, reached out to industry leaders to help with the launch of his latest idea, Safe Seen, a not-for-profit collaboration which manufactures and distributes protective face shields to assist in fighting COVID-19.


The Safe Seen website allows individuals to personalise face shields with messages of support alongside a choice of 8 designs relating to our nation’s frontline workers. Requiring a £2 donation, 100% of the profits raised from the face shields is going to a nominated charity partner who will be announced by Safe Seen in the coming weeks.


“Recognising the demand for PPE following the announcement of an open source approach from the UK government, Safe Seen operates as a community-funded PPE provider of personalised face shields,” says Molly Maddison, marketing manager of Safe Seen.


The website allows individuals to receive Safe Seen personalised face shields by requesting a drop. Individuals need to enter their organisation name, type of organisation, requested quantity and a preferred delivery date alongside personal contact information to register for a delivery.


“At Safe Seen, we our goal is to connect the community with frontline workers through providing personalised messages that will be printed on to the face shields produced by The Print PPE Initiative. It’s a real community-led project and we hope that the nation gets behind us so that we can supply PPE across the country and eventually even further,” concludes Molly.


You can personalise and donate a face shield to our nation’s frontline workers at

"Safe Seen is a brilliant venture that has been developed by The Print PPE Initiative. This is an industry collaboration founded by Robert Farfort to utilise the technology within the printing industry to manufacture and distribute not-for-profit PPE to the nation. The initiative is backed and supported by print industry firms such as: Data Image Group, Esko, Halo Agency, HP, PrintFactory, Pyramid Display, and Vpress. Props to them all."