Agfa has released Asanti 3.0 - the latest version of its automated production hub and workflow tool for sign and display printers. Asanti automates workflow for sign and display applications, taking control of the entire process, from prepress to production and finishing. 


This latest software version now comes with IntelliTune which is integrated into Asanti. It contributes to the simplification of complex workflows, as well as to the consistent quality of printed images. For example, IntelliTune automatically analyses and improves image quality by optimising skin tones, or by eliminating noise or stair casing and blurriness.


Additional new features include a new intuitive graphical user interface featuring improved job layout and positioning visualisation, and a new interface for tiling large jobs. Asanti also adds mounting instructions on the prints to ease the stitching and finishing after printing.



In addition, Asanti’s dedicated production dashboard displays all print jobs, the number of prints, status data of multiple printers, ink levels, elapsed time and more.


A further new feature to is Asanti Colour Management, an advanced mode that allows printers to use a wizard for managing colours and shortening throughput time, along with additional features for white printing options. 


Finally Asanti 3.0 allows users to overrule special spot colours (e.g. brand colours) with dedicated colour alternatives if required.