Working with a specialist R&D tax consultancy can save you literally thousands of pounds every year. Here’s how Kene Partners helped digital signage company Signbox.


After exploring an initial claim themselves that garnered them far less, Signbox were put in touch with specialist R&D tax consultancy Kene Partners who helped them make a further R&D Tax claim of £125,000, allowing them to invest in new technologies and the launch of a brand new eStore.


Signbox had conducted an R&D Tax claim in the past but to their own admission were unsure about the extent to which activity could be qualified and the process they should follow to make an effective justification.



Signbox had originally engaged Kene Partners to claim R&D Tax relief on a specific R&D project. What Signbox hadn’t realised until working with Kene Partners was that there was R&D occurring within their commercial signage projects that they hadn’t yet identified or claimed against.


According to Signbox managing director Mark Bartlett, Signbox had conducted an R&D Tax Claim before, but was unsure about the extent to which activity could be qualified and the process to accurately identify and justify this. 


“From the onset during the initial interaction, Kene Partners provided greater clarity and reassurance on the overall process by efficiently translating the complex legislation and setting out a rapid and thorough plan. They provided very helpful tools, such as the Sway tutorials and the Cost Collection Sheet, that enabled us to accurately assess potential projects for the scheme.  As the tax benefit came through, we experienced first-hand the benefit of the positive experience in engaging with Kene Partners for its claim, and we will be conducting more claims with them in the future,” says Mr Bartlett.

"Some of Kene Partners key printing industry clients include Augustus Martin, RMC Digital and Signbox. You could be missing out on thousands of pounds in unclaimed R&D tax credits. Be sure to get your free consultation ASAP."