OKI has announced the Pro8432WT, a light production A3 white toner printer designed to print on all relevant transfer media for high-quality decoration on everything from garments to trophies and signs.


The Pro8432WT is designed to fit any print shop or design studio where space is at a premium, and ships with enough white toner as standard to easily make the profit to cover the capital cost, providing a compelling ROI opportunity. 


Manufactured to be compatible with all the major transfer media brands the Pro8432WT offers access to new, high-value revenue streams. Combined with the flexibility of the latest low temperature transfer media to decorate virtually any substrate from cotton and man-made synthetic fabrics, to metal, glass, acrylic and even wood. 



With new light single step transfer media the strong opacity of white toner permits lighter colour garment decoration in a single step process for fast, cost effective production. 


The innovative transfer system is fast, easy and set up costs are substantially lower than other digital printing techniques such as direct-to-garment, and overcomes the limitations of sublimation white only polyester blank decoration.


OKI says the printer’s design is optimised for transfer media printing using speciality fuser and toner technology which deliver strong white opacity and vivid colours which last in the wash.