Roland DG Corporation has been busy announcing a raft of new inkjet printers this month including the pocket sized 30” VersaUV LEC2-300 UV printer/cutter; a new SG2 Series TrueVIS Printer/Cutter lineup in 64”, 54”,30” formats; and its first ever true production UV-LED flatbed printer, the IU-1000F. 


New LEC2-300 UV printer/cutter

So let’s take a look at them starting with the smallest - the 30” VersaUV LEC2-300 UV printer/cutter. This has been designed to be the perfect device for the on-demand production of custom labels, packaging prototypes, and bespoke POS and signage.


According to Kohei Tanabe, President of the Roland DG Digital Printing Business Division, the LEC series printers are capable of creating unique special effects using UV ink and contour cutting printed images on demand. “Since we introduced them in 2008,” he said, “the LEC series has been used by a broad range of printing businesses for countless applications, including printing adhesive decals, labels and stickers, novelty merchandise, and design prototypes. The newly released LEC2-300 builds on the best feature of the series, making it both easy and economical to produce high-value added prints in quantities as few as one. 


“As the newest model in the series it also comes packed with features, including a newly developed printhead and LED lamps, and a host of updated functions for an even higher level of print quality in a compact and stylish design.We developed the LEC2-300 to provide our customers with the power to quickly produce creative designs in as many formats and methods as possible. With this new printer, we hope to contribute to further growth and development of the printing industry.”


New SG2 Series

Next up comes the new TrueVIS Printer/Cutter lineup - the SG2 Series in 64”, 54” and 30” formats to match the wide-ranging production requirements of graphics businesses; from those who are just starting out, to ambitious PSPs looking to take their business to the next level. 


According to Roland DG Corporation, the new SG2 is the ideal choice for PSPs looking for same-day productivity, with prints ready to laminate and then immediately finish in as little as 6 hours. The company states that tests performed by Avery Dennison on MPI Range digital media, showed that prints produced with new TR2 ink can be laminated after a 6-hour period when rolls or images are properly ventilated and loosely wound. Roland says this enables busy print professionals to deliver against their customers’ expectations and to beat their competitors’ time to market. It certainly is an added benefit and does offer a competitive advantage in terms of productivity. 


To take full advantage of what Roland describes as its superior colour reproduction capability and the wide colour gamut provided by new TR2 ink, the SG2 series includes the newly developed True Rich Color preset. What this means is vibrant colour can be combined with neutral greys, smooth gradations and natural skin tones to create stunning graphics. According to Kohei Tanabe, this pioneering print quality is “unequalled for durable graphics.”


The SG2 series is also backed by some of the industry’s leading media manufacturers, providing another level of quality assurance and offering print professionals the chance to promote their businesses as certified. The SG2 and new TR2 ink is certified by the 3M MCS Warranty. SG2 and TR2 are also certified by the Avery Dennison ICS performance guarantee.


“I strongly believe that by providing outstanding colour and versatility in three different sizes at an affordable price, the new SG2 series will appeal to large numbers of digital print business owners. In addition to individuals just entering the sign and display graphics market, we designed it especially for those focused on diversifying their print businesses by expanding graphic product offerings while also maximising profitability through efficient production,” says Kohei Tanabe. 

Roland’s first UV-LED production flatbed

Capable of printing onto an impressively wide range of substrates and objects at up to 116 sqm per hour, the IU-1000F is designed to meet the diverse needs of busy print service providers and commercial printers while delivering true production performance. 


According to Kohei Tanabe, the IU-1000F boasts breakthrough speed and quality while also eliminating the need for mounting and drying processes. “It is a powerful solution for the sign and display or print production business that seeks more efficient and faster-turnaround production capability. By offering increased productivity, material compatibility, image quality, ease of use, and all the other aspects of this product, I am confident that the IU-1000F will achieve increased profitability for printing businesses," he said.


In addition to high-adhesion, high-density CMYK UV inks, this highly versatile large format device supports White, Gloss and Primer inks to create a wide variety of stunning applications, from impressive and highly-profitable signs, displays, backlits and exhibition graphics to custom-designed interior décor applications such as canvas wall panels and furniture. 

Equipped with 12 high-performance printheads in a staggered 3-row arrangement, the IU-1000F can print up to 635 x 1800 dpi with variable droplet technology which can simultaneously fire 3 sizes of droplets at high speed. Printing time for a typical 1220 x 2440mm rigid board averages about 15 boards per hour (48.5 sqm/hr) in the everyday “Standard” print mode for typical point of purchase display applications. About 10 sheets can be printed even in the “Quality” print mode (32 sqm/hr). 


The IU-1000F employs UV-LED flatbed printing technology to print directly on a huge variety of materials and objects, including rigid boards up to 2510mm x 1310mm, 110mm in height and 45 kg/sqm in weight. The exclusively-developed, high-performance UV inks cure immediately, enabling the IU-1000F to print on substrates such as acrylic, PETG, PVC board, foam board, PC, wood, corrugated polypropylene board, aluminium composite plate, and even on metal and glass that are generally difficult to adhere to by using the Primer ink. 


The IU-1000F features a number of new functions to optimise efficient performance, including an ioniser that removes static electricity, a versatile print bed that can handle materials of various sizes, from one large board to multiple small panels, and media alignment pins for easily aligning materials to be printed.

"I never thought I would see the day when Roland DG Corporation moved out of its comfort zone and into the competitive world of UV-LED production flatbed printers - and I am delighted at what I see. "