Leeds-based wide format print specialist Imageco started working with CMYUK, the exclusive distributor of PONGS wide format textile materials in the UK and Ireland, over a year ago, and has now switched to PONGS materials for the vast majority of its retail and expo graphics for stretch frame systems and lightboxes. 


According to Nathan Swinson-Bullough, managing director at Imageco, PONGS prints very well with excellent colour reproduction, and has all the required ratings. “It looks really good and has a nice white point to it. The product is competitively priced too,” he says.


Top of the list here is PONGS PrintTex Artist Mambo high quality, polyester backlit.  This is followed by PONGS DIRECT-TEX SOFTIMAGE CONTRAST, a high white textile with a coated black reverse that gives excellent print quality and total blackout. Used for expo backdrops, retail graphics, and event branding.


“We have a very good relationship with Joel Willcock, CMYUK’s Textile Business Development specialist.  He is very proactive and knowledgeable, and always gives us exactly what we need.” says Swinson-Bullough who adds, “We’ve met the powers that be at PONGS and through CMYUK we know the products and can reflect this expertise back to our clients.” 


One of Imageco’s largest clients – a global retailer – uses all PONGS materials for on-going UK and European rollouts. The PONGS PrintTex Artist Mambo used for lightboxes is predominant here. “We’ve printed around 2,000 of these in the last week alone,” says Swinson-Bullough.


Another benefit of buying its materials with CMYUK is its unique Consumable Supported Asset Finance or CSAF option, which Imageco has taken full advantage of. 


(CSAF) is a very simple purchasing solution that CMYUK has developed in conjunction with Sheppex Limited, offering highly competitive lending rates. 


By customers switching some, or all of their roll-to-roll consumable spend to CMYUK, the latter contributes a monthly amount directly into a customer’s finance agreement, thereby reducing the monthly repayment. 


For Imageco, the money accrued on its materials spend goes into a CMYUK account that can subsequently be used against a capital purchase from £50,000 to £500,000. To date Imageco’s ‘pot’ stands at £5K, and it’s growing, as under this scheme, the more a customer spends with CMYUK, the more it saves. 


“It’s a good system, and we’re looking at buying another EFI VUTEk printer as we’ve got so much work going through, so we need another workhorse. Imageco is growing and we need to expand.  The CSAF system will help with this as the more we spend on consumables, the more we save on our monthly printer repayments, and we buy a lot of materials, we predict this to increase,” says Swinson-Bullough.  


CSAF offers uncapped savings to customers for as long as they spend with CMYUK. It reduces monthly equipment repayments, and supplies exactly the same products or the same-quality equivalent. The scheme guarantees to match or improve on purchase rates from current suppliers.