Lexon Group of Newport, South Wales has installed a Highcon Euclid IIIS digital cutting and creasing machine. The 40 year old print service provider specialises in delivering the unusual, the difficult and the unique, and sees the adoption of digital cutting and creasing as a strategic leap forward.


Lexon Group produces a wide variety of applications: special packaging, unique products, popups, presentation packs alongside ‘day to day print work’, and works in-conjunction with its customers to develop innovative solutions to meet their needs.  


Unlike traditional cutting and creasing machines, the Euclid system does not require a conventional die, thereby removing the hours or days associated with die production and set-up time. The cutting is done by an array of high powered CO2 lasers combined with scanners and advanced optics which perform the cutting design laid out in the DXF file. (DXF is a file extension for a graphic image format typically used with AutoCAD (Computer Assisted Drafting) software). 


The cutting can also be made using variable data for each single sheet. This opens up a whole range of new applications, limited only by the imagination of the designer. The precision of the laser cutting also makes it possible to cut much smaller details than conventional analogue cutting.



Creasing is carried out using Highcon's patented Digital Adhesive Rule Technology, (DART). The creasing data comes from a standard DXF file uploaded to the Euclid.


The Euclid software translates the digital data and sends it to the special DART canister which releases a special polymer onto a Highcon DART foil in the form of rules that once cured, will produce hard raised lines. Once the DART has been written, production can begin.


According to Lexcon Group managing director Garth Davis, Lexon push the boundaries of production, and have specialised in producing complicated print projects within highly pressured deadlines. “When we saw the Highcon technology at Drupa 2016, we immediately saw the potential of adding this game-changing machine to our in-house capabilities. We are great believers in doing everything ourselves to ensure the most rapid turnaround possible for our customers. Our goal is to produce a creative packaging solution that’s perfect for our customers.”



The Highcon Euclid IIIS digital cutting and creasing machine integrates seamlessly into existing B2 sheet size workflow at a speed of 2,000 sheets an hour, and addresses today’s operational challenges and answers tomorrow’s growth needs by enabling a wide range of applications from packaging and commercial print applications to customisation with variable data cutting, web-to-pack and even 3D modelling.