Kingsley Print & Design has taken delivery of a Suprasetter A75 which it has funded through a Heidelberg consumables deal. The company was among the first companies to buy the Heidelberg manufactured Suprasetter CtP system but after 12 years of service the time had come for a new generation machine.


Kingsley Print will run the Suprasetter for about 16 hours a day to keep the company’s hungry Speedmaster XL 75-5+L press fed


“It is a quicker and much more compact machine; it is about half the size so has freed up a lot of space,” says Bradley Vaughan, managing director of the Egham business. “Buying on a consumables deal spreads our repayments and, given that includes software upgrades, is good value for money.”


The company uses about 1,500 plates a month and has chosen to use processless plates which fits with its environmental policy. The CtP device is the lowest energy system in its class which also helps.