One of France’s most respected label-making printers, Adesa has become the first European company to invest in the Durst in-line digital laser finishing system for the Tau 330 UV inkjet label press that incorporates state-of-the-art laser die-cutting technology from Spartanics.


The Durst Tau 330 and LFS 330 inline system sale, which was arranged through Paris-based reseller JetPack France SAS, is a complementary technology to digital offset and flexo printing for Adesa. 


Durst is providing a complete digital end-to-end workflow with full automatic job changeover in a single pass. This is filling an important gap in the market for Adesa, which has started winning new contracts since opting for the Durst 330 LFS on-line system after carrying out extensive research.



“The labels market is extremely competitive and we have to stand out continuously by offering innovative solutions,” says Adesa company president Brice Carugati. “With the Durst inline solution, I’ve won several contracts that wouldn’t have been available to Adesa previously. As one example, I was in competition with another French company for an order of 400,000 labels using 12 different texts for variable printing. I knew I’d win that order straight away using the Durst-Spartanics system. Inkjet is very good. The ink is very powerful, bright and has vivid colours – with everything completed in one single pass.” 


Adesa has configured its Durst Tau 330 inkjet press in seven colours, with orange and purple complementing the primary colours (CMYK). The integration of the laser cutting module online has significant advantages. It does not slow the speed of the Durst Tau 330 (48m/min) and has increased the range of applications. The machine also provides greater opacity of the white, which answers customer requirements of transparent labels required widely in the food industry.


Here's a really good video depicting workflow on the Durst Tau 330 and LFS 330 inline system below: