West Yorkshire based The Label Makers has successfully completed beta testing of its new digital, high speed, eight-colour Tau 330 RSC label press. The pioneering company from Bradford, Yorkshire, chose the machine to keep it ahead of the curve and is now expanding into new and developing markets.


After winning major new contracts including a six-figure deal with a major food brand during beta testing, the company, known as Labmak, is now looking to invest in a second new Tau 330 RSC UV inkjet.


“It’s unbelievable photographic quality,” says David Webster, managing director of Labmak. “The future of label production is here – and it’s inkjet. Installing the Tau 330 RSC has been a huge step forward for us. It has massively grown from our original expectations and we now have three Durst machines.”


He expanded: “This press runs at a phenomenal printing speed of 78m a minute  all the time with no slowing down, virtually no waste and is litho quality with a print resolution of 1200x1200dpi. Plus, the addition of the extra colour green means we can cover 98% of Pantone shades. The Durst Tau 330 RSC is also much more cost-effective because it is using far less ink, but still maintaining the incredible print quality.”


Mr Webster, who estimates at least 2.5million linear metres will be printed on the Durst Tau RSC in its first year of commercial operation, added: “The print quality means that we can look for more sophisticated work, particularly as we are finding it far easier to hit everybody’s brand colour. As one example, we were actually approached by a major food brand that has led to a new contract that will be be worth around £150,000 in the first year. Others will follow. We couldn’t be doing all this without Durst, a company that has been an incredibly supportive partner with fantastic technology.”