London based Oriental Printing has installed an RMGT Ryobi 924 LED-UV press, supplied by UK distributor Apex Digital Graphics. The SRA1 format press replaces an ageing Ryobi 684 SRA2 format machine.


The company, located close to Tilbury Docks, specialises in the production of Chinese restaurant and take-away menus - a market that has seen rapid growth in recent years.


Joint managing director Wei Jiang explained the background regarding the new purchase: “We had been very happy with the reliability of the Ryobi 684 and the previous Ryobi 662 - our first press. We had set out to look for a good second hand SRA1 or B2 press. We were offered a second hand Heidelberg by a local dealer only to find the press would not fit our factory which brought us back to our preferred option, an SRA1 Ryobi.”  


After several months of discussions with Apex and a customer visit to a local RMGT user, a deal was struck for a new RMGT Ryobi 924 LED-UV.


With regard to the immediate benefits of the new press, Wei added: “On longer runs the spray powder would always cause an issue on the second side with frequent stops to clean blankets. My finisher is also happy as he does not have to deal with spray powder on the folding equipment and he has nice clean hands as the ink is cured dry with no residual ink rubbing off during handling.


“The speed of throughput is amazing, firstly because runs have come down by half due to the press format, and secondly once printed, work can be immediately cut and folded, resulting in more room to manoeuvre around the factory. Even jobs with the heaviest of coverage can be finished immediately,” he says.


Due to the Spectro-Jet colour management fitted to the press Wei says that print quality and on the run quality control are exceptional. To back this up customers have already noticed the difference and made calls to him to compliment him on the output of the new press.


With the extra capacity available Oriental Printing are looking to branch out to offer a wider range of work and have already secured some new magazine business.

There has been a growing commercial acceptance of LED-UV in the UK and Europe in recent years, following on from widespread success in Japan, and Apex has now installed more than 20 LED-UV litho presses in the UK.