When Newman Thomson, a producer of a wide variety of magazines, brochures, publications, pharmaceutical documents and point-of-sale materials, wanted to future-proof its business by streamlining the workflow of its print orders to drive efficiencies and simplify the process for customers, the company turned to web-to-print and purchased XMPie PersonalEffect StoreFlow with built-in variable data printing features and an end-to-end Adobe InDesign workflow.


According to James Vaisey, Marketing and Web to Print manager at Newman Thomson, XMPie PersonalEffect StoreFlow provides everything the company needs in a web-to-print system. “We didn't need countless add-ons or extra development time to tailor the system to fit our needs,” he says. “For us, it was critical to have an all-in-one system that could simplify existing workflow processes, support growing business needs, have constantly evolving functionality, and that seamlessly integrates with Adobe InDesign and our MIS system. XMPie’s solution does all of that, and so much more.”


Before selecting PersonalEffect StoreFlow, Newman Thomson’s workflow consisted of customers placing orders directly with their account managers, who processed the jobs in the Management Information System (MIS) and handled the artwork for pre-press. From there, the production and dispatch team would complete the order. With XMPie’s help, the company has streamlined many of the intermediary touch-points that once burdened the efficiency of the process. Newman Thomson also uses Xerox FreeFlow Core to automate and integrate the processing of print jobs - from file preparation to final production.


“We have a wide spectrum of customers, from the 'walk-in' customer wanting 500 business cards, 1500 letterheads and a pull up banner for their start-up business, all the way through to multinational conglomerates ordering complex data-driven documents,” says Vaisey. “I think XMPie has a place for each one of those, it turns a walk-in who previously would have required a fair amount of time/input versus profit return, into a very efficient quick turnaround job. Conversely, a multinational can feel safe in the knowledge that all the artwork is securely locked down, that the job will be consistent, and the time and cost spent on designing and checking would be vastly reduced on both the client side and our side.”


Newman Thomson not only made an investment in a web-to-print solution, but an investment in the future of its business. They currently serve a range of clients - from small businesses to large enterprises - and its new web-to-print system will allow them to offer services to a whole new set of clients that they have previously not been able to target. They now have a powerful new sales tool in their arsenal to help them stand out from the crowd.


“XMPie gives us the means to go into a client meeting with something that makes us stand out and show that we can save our clients time and money,” says Vaisey. “Trust is a valuable commodity in the business landscape and giving customers the ability to effectively and easily buy print and other products while simultaneously looking after their branding helps build and nurture that trust for a long business relationship.”