Cheshire based print, design and mailing specialist DDL Group has brought lamination in-house following an investment in a Matrix system from Vivid Laminating Technologies. The purchase included a Matrix MX-370P Lamination, Foiling and Spot UV Effects system along with the dedicated Omni-Flow Deep Pile Feeder.


Prior to the purchase, DDL regularly outsourced lamination which tied-up resources in terms of transporting printed materials to and from the supplier, which could typically taking several days to turn around.


“When we saw the Matrix we were impressed by how easy it was to use and how quickly it got up to temperature and stayed there,” says  DDL Technical Services manager Greg Girard. “The deep pile auto feeder was great, and we could see how this could really speed-up production time and, again, it was very simple to operate via the built-in touch-screen control. Now that the system is up and running, we believe the Matrix system will prove to be a sound investment allowing us to better serve our customers”



Matrix Pneumatic and Matrix Duplex systems offer fast and reliable laminating but are also able to create stunning foiling and Spot UV effects without the need for a die; making them ideal for short-medium run digital print. The Omni-Flow deep pile feeder with its 180mm stack depth allows easy swap-over of paper stocks and autonomous machine operation freeing up a print operative to work on other jobs simultaneously. The Omni-Flow can be retro-fitted to any Matrix Pneumatic or Duplex system as a cost-effective upgrade from manual to auto feed. 


Take a look at what the Matrix system from Vivid Laminating Technologies can do for your business below. 



The system was installed, and staff trained by Vivid.