KDX manufactures advanced polymer materials including thermal laminating films, BOPP wet films and 3D lenticular solutions. The company has now developed a 31 micron premium anti-scuff BOPP matte thermal laminating film that offers excellent scuff resistance properties while giving a luxurious feel and a perceived increase in product value. 


It is ideally suited to perfect binding, book covers, magazines, flyers, paper bags, maps and promotional material for example, cosmetic boxes, gift boxes, pharmaceutical and POS.


KDX’s anti-scuff matte thermal laminating film has a luxurious smooth matte finish that minimises glare whilst preserving image colour. The company says this film is four times more durable than an uncoated matte polypropylene. The product has excellent resistance to tear and elongation and is ideally suited to UV spot varnishing, foil stamping as well as screen printing.



It has a strong adhesive bond strength and its consistent adhesive layer enables a quick turnaround, faster set up times, lower energy consumption, less waste and overall ease of processing. 


From both a working environment and end user perspective this product is non-toxic, tasteless, benzene free and does not produce any gases or dangerous substances during the lamination process.