No trip to Sign & Digital UK would be complete without a taking a look at what Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has to offer in the way of cutting tools.


On Stand E50, the Tamworth cutting tool specialist will present the latest 2018 edition of its new Folio catalogue, the extended line of blades for digital cutting tables and new routing tools for machining challenging aluminium composite materials (ACM).


Last year, ITC introduced a host of new Vitreo coated tools for machining ACM materials and following overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, the UK manufacturer has added to this series with the arrival of the new 1001 Series for Sign & Digital UK 2018.


The new 1001 Series is a single flute router manufactured from an-ultra wear resistant micro-grain carbide. This makes the new 1001 Series ideal for machining Di-bond and other aluminium composite materials. The 1001 Series is a balanced tool for use on high frequency spindles that are commonplace on modern digital cutting tables. 



Alongside the 1001 Series will be an innovative line of knife and blade tools has once again been extended with new cutting geometries being added for the efficient cutting of vinyl, corrugated board, foam-board and other materials. 


The new Folio catalogue is a 60 page publication that incorporates a comprehensive range of tools from solid carbide routing tools through to engraving, folding, edge rounding and radius tools, carving tools, knife blades, taps, drills, rotation blades and also a complete line of special tools that can all be manufactured in the UK. Added to this, the 5th edition of the ITC Folio catalogue also includes complementary products such as sacrificial sheets, lubricants, anti-slip matting, router collets, CNC tool holders and more. 


ITC offer a remarkable extensive portfolio of blades and knife tools, but it also offers a comprehensive re-sharpening and re-grind service for end users.