EFI has announced a new software tool - EFI MarketDirect - that gives users the ability to develop, distribute and track communications for personalised communication and marketing programs for web, email, print, mobile or social media.


MarketDirect’s customer engagement platform offers features that ensure optimum productivity such as EFI SmartCampaign, a new HTML5-based cross-media design tool. Plus, with a new storyboard automated campaign-creation feature, customers can build and visualise a campaign in a matter of minutes using simple drag-and-drop tools. 



EFI MarketDirect is available as a standalone application or alongside EFI’s web-to-print solutions, and can be seamlessly integrated into EFI’s Productivity Suites, giving users full visibility, data tracking and management capabilities for marketing campaign and customer engagement activities within the Suites’ MIS/ERP frameworks.


EFI says the software provides more power than ever before to plan, manage and execute complex print and cross-media marketing programs.