Doncaster based FastLabels has invested in a Xeikon CX3 - the company’s second Xeikon press - to meet growing demand for labels and stickers.


According to company director Shaun Pagin the new Xeikon CX3 will provide a wealth of benefits to customers. “Its speed of production will help us to reduce our prices to some of the lowest in the UK while offering the highest quality print, even lower minimum order values, and faster turnaround,” he says.


“While we currently have the capacity to cope with demand, we have decided to introduce the new press sooner rather than later to benefit our customers in these ways. It means we can instantly improve our service, and are well prepared for the growth we have planned in the future.”


FastLabels has also upgraded its existing Xeikon 3030 to the 3300 model. This increases the maximum quality print speed from 15m/min to 19.2m/min to provide the best labels without sacrificing quality or cost-efficiency.



“The speed increase that the Xeikon 3300 upgrade provides is essential to our business model,” says Pagin. “It means we can print at maximum quality and still maintain a very cost-effective print speed. This brings savings in many different ways that we can pass on to our customers. The new press line-up will increase our label print capacity by 228%.


“It’s our mission to prove that low prices don’t have to sacrifice quality, and our new Xeikon CX3 together with the upgraded 3300 will help us to achieve exactly that.”


Established in 2009 and based in Doncaster, the company relies on its web site to generate its business and offers free next day delivery by UPS for all UK orders.