Cardiff based 3 Sixty has responded to growing demand for a number of different applications by investing in a flexible and versatile new Zünd G3 3XL3200.


3 Sixty has been running an older Zünd G3 for the past four years, alongside its three EFI VUTEk printers, and other specialised print and finishing equipment. The company chose the larger Zünd G3 3XL3200 because its 3.2m bed size covers the various widths of all of its printing machines.


The company specialises in window displays, internal and external signage, point of sale graphics and national installation roll-outs, managing and coordinating projects using its extensive knowledge in creativity, print production and installation. 3 Sixty also continues to push into new areas, including textile printing, for which it has met an increasing demand over the past year or so.



"After nearly eight years offering a unique service our existing clients understand how we add value to their brand,” says managing director Richard Inkin. “We are now seeing the fruits of our hard work and dedication with new clients approaching us asking that we get involved in the early stages of their rebranding projects involving design, print, fabrication and installation.”


The company selected a 1Kw router spindle to enable routing on hard substrates including acrylic, ACM, MDF, Foamex, aluminium and others – in addition to the larger footprint's increased capacity for rolls of fabrics, banners, vinyls and other materials up to 3.2m wide.