swissQprint reports that its Japanese distribution partner Lukio CO., LTD has unexpectedly ceased operational activities. Why is anybody‚Äôs guess at the moment, but in order to continue operating in this market, swissQprint has set-up a Japanese subsidiary swissQprint Japan KK which has now been formally established.


From a location in the Greater Tokyo area swissQprint Japan KK has already taken over all the services that the former partner provided. As such swissQprint Japan KK is now offering all areas of business from sales of new UV flatbed printers and consumables to service and support of the entire install base.



The new company also has also appointed a managing director in Toru Ono, who is entrusted with the task of organising and managing the swissQprint subsidiary. Mr. Ono is highly-regarded in the printing industry and has vast international experience.


By establishing this subsidiary company, swissQprint is clearly demonstrating its strong commitment to customers in Japan and the entire Asia-Pacific region.