Colouration, a specialist PSP serving the beauty and fragrance retail market, has installed a Zünd digital cutting table at its south-west London print house. The company supplies a wide range of colour accurate printed materials to major high street brands and retailers and offers clients conventional and digital printing, large-format graphics, outdoor signage and more.


Running a total of nine printing systems of various technologies including Canon printers, Colouration looked to increase its finishing department – which had already included a Zünd table – to manage overflow. The new Zünd G3 2XL3200, supplied by Canon, can clear bottlenecks from both Colouration's existing router machine, running MDF and acrylic, and its knife cutting machine on corrugated board. It can process a wide range of materials, from plastic and metal through to textiles. 


"It's a great machine – faster than the older machine, versatile and clean working," says managing director Tony Dennington, who founded Colouration in London SW17 in 2001. "It does everything they said it would."



Colouration's new Zünd G3 2XL3200 features a tandem vacuum system: two vacuum plates on the working area that can be operated independently of each other, enabling the cutter to work on one side while material is fed onto the other to save downtime and boost productivity. It is also fitted with Zünd's Automatic Router Bit Changer which changes router bits without user intervention to accelerate production further. 


"Cutting work has become bigger than anyone thought. In the early years we were asking if you could justify buying a cutting machine when you compared it with someone with a knife and a ruler, but technology has advanced so much that you now have the speed and accuracy on any size, any shape and any material. It has become a necessity to our business,” concludes Dennington.