Large format digital printing company PressOn has again worked with the team behind the World’s fastest and most advanced racing car, BLOODHOUND SSC; this time, wrapping the tail fin as it hit speeds of 210mph on its first public trial run at Newquay Airport in Cornwall.


The BLOODHOUND SSC is designed to not only go faster than the speed of sound but up to speeds of 1,000mph, covering a mile in just 3.6 seconds. The tail fin provides a vital part of the supersonic car, providing stability that can withstand the use of both a jet and a rocket to produce more than 135,00bhp.


Following stress and load testing of the fin prior to trials, PressOn wrapped the fin in Avery MPI1104EA cast white vinyl, using its HP Latex 570. The design featured the names of 36,110 people who have sponsored and contributed to the creation of the BLOODHOUND SSC.


Take a closer look at BLOODHOUND SSC in this short video filmed at at the Newquay Airport trial below.



The BLOODHOUND team is working on development and planning for the next World Land Speed Record attempt in South Africa in 2019. 


Photograph by Stefan Marjoram.