Mimaki’s UK and Irish distributor, Hybrid Services has launched the new Mimaki JFX200-2531 LED UV flatbed printer. The larger JFX200-2531 adds further productivity for those companies with a focus on rigid signage and point of sale, printing to aluminium composite and foam core boards.


With a print area twice the size of its predecessor and a unique “toggle print” function that increases productivity and improves continuous running capability by allowing operators to load one board while another is printing, the new JFX200 is the ideal flatbed printer for growing sign and display companies.


The Mimaki JFX200-2531 large flatbed UV-curable inkjet printer is a recent development of the JFX200 series, which brings compatibility with media up to 2.5 x 3.1 metres, accommodating rigid signs, wall decorations, doors and other big items. 



Larger media is only one aspect of its increased capabilities; the JFX200-2531 can also accommodate two 8ft x 4ft signage boards allowing print companies to benefit from a 20% increase in productivity, keeping the printer running continuously as an 8ft x 4ft board can be loaded while another 8ft x 4ft sheet is printed.


Additional features of the new JFX200-2531 include improved media handling and an ioniser that eliminates electrostatic discharge which can affect image quality. Anti-banding functions and variable dot printing also contribute to the creation of smooth, exceptionally high-quality images. Finally, a vacuum pedal is now included as standard for hands-free operation of the media vacuum function.


A wide range of inksets are also available to accommodate the broadest range of applications, including LH-100 scratch resistant ink, LUS-120 and LUS-150 inks suitable for printing on soft materials, LUS-200 ink which is ideal for outdoor applications with its superior resistance to sun, rain and other adverse weather conditions and LUS-350 ink; a unique, stretchable ink suitable for a wide range of thermoforming applications, with the ability to stretch up to 350% without cracking.