Good news for print and marketing services providers as Konica Minolta has developed a dynamic and progressive method to distribute business communications with its Cloud SMS platform, allowing users to send real-time, personalised, communications via text.


In the digital age customers want information at their fingertips, and as soon as it becomes available. With this solution users can make information available to the right person at the right time on the right device, advancing the way that they communicate.


The platform can be integrated into Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress Connect workflow automation system, enabling users to create simple workflows to automatically distribute their communications, as well as more traditional methods, removing the need for manual intervention.



Konica Minolta’s Cloud SMS platform, 123-TXT, together with Objectif Lune’s software, will offer additional functionality and improve workflows that use traditional methods such as post and email.


The partnership also offers users additional communication output options. That includes; document retrieval notifications where an automated branded tiny URL web link to a SMS message enables documents to be easily and quickly retrieved and viewed, and document delivery notifications that avoid the issue of missing documents by letting users know when their document has been delivered or processed.