Push Print is planning to make full use of the creative capabilities of its new Ricoh PRO C7110SX with its fifth colour white and neon colour capability, which has been installed at its Glasgow factory.


The fifth colour capability is an excellent asset for businesses who want to separate themselves from the competition but more importantly, take a new compelling message to their clients. Marketers and other print buyers will see how their campaigns will return stronger results by using new substrates, and by working with designers on the applications for the fifth colour will create strong customer engagement and cut through. 


According to Push Print managing director Bradley van Beuge, the long sheet printing and extra colour is already being appreciated by customers. “A lot of our customers have taken to our ability to print white on wedding invitations or for restaurant openings and menus,” he says.


The white print function is ideal for creating impact on coloured papers and card, for social stationery including invitations for example. The 700mm long sheet format is ideal for folders and for more creative formats. 


Push Print works for agencies and brands, creating high impact promotional print for music and the entertainment sector, where for example the neon yellow toner will achieve maximum visual impact. 



The first job Push Print printed was a 320x320mm booklet which it would not have been able to produce before the Ricoh PRO C7110SX was installed, says the managing director.  


“We are showing customers what the press can do and how that creativity can be applicable to their business. It is something a bit different that they will not have seen before,” he says. “All have been very positive so far.”