Bristol based Go-kart graphics specialist KartDavid has invested in a Zünd S3 L1600 digital cutting system to boost productivity in finishing.


The company is a key principal in the world of custom kart graphics, designing, printing and cutting stickers and other products for drivers, teams and sponsors worldwide.


Founded ten years ago by kart-racing brothers David and Michael Rubie-Todd – who were just 17 and 19 years old respectively at the time – KartDavid opted this year to invest in technology to improve its quality even further, and considered flatbed cutting systems from three brands, finally choosing the Zünd S3. 


"The Zünd was not the most expensive of the three but it offered the best in quality, robustness and automation,” says David Rubie-Todd. "We also feel we can scale it and add things on; it will grow with us."



There are numerous choices in terms of bed size, material handling systems, modules and tools for the Zünd S3, G3 and D3 models, allowing users to make adaptations, alterations and upgrades whenever they are required. 


The Zünd S3 L1600 installed by KartDavid is one of several size options in the S3 portfolio, offering a bed size of 1,800mm x 1,630mm, and is fully kitted out to make cutting processes considerably faster and more accurate than by hand. KartDavid uses thick, self-adhesive vinyl in special-effect finishes like carbon fibre, glitter, chrome, fluorescent and holographic to create eye-catching images and logos, which the Zünd S3 can process along with dozens of other materials.


Rubie-Todd adds that he was impressed by the demonstration at Zünd UK Ltd's dedicated showroom in St Albans – which has since been renovated to feature the latest digital cutting hardware and software – and by the technical support offered by the Zünd team.