According to latest figures from IT firm SEMA Group, some 92% of all direct mail is opened while 48% of people take action after receiving direct mail. 


This is backed up by recent data from Royal Mail that found 60% of people said direct mail can help keep the brand at the forefront of their mind, while 29% of people said direct mail helped them plan a future purchase.


According to Cassie Marvin, marketing manager for Antalis’ office division, there has never been a more apt time for companies to revert back to paper-based comms as a way to create cut through. 



“From emails and popups through to tactical social ad targeting, today’s consumers receive so many digital brand comms a day that their impact is waning and, in some cases, can lead to what is being coined ‘digital fatigue.,” she says.


“As these figures show, the majority of people not only open marketing mail dropped through their letterboxes but almost half will take action on it.”


As a business committed to helping PSPs to grow their business, Antalis offers a wide range of premium, creative papers and custom papers guaranteed to add a bit of the ‘wow’ factor to any paper based comms and that despite the explosion of digital marketing, in many cases, paper is still king.


That said, it isn’t a case of standard will suffice: brands need to be creative with the choice of paper, print and envelopes in order to ensure their direct mail echoes their brand sentiment and entices the prospect with a relevant call to action.