Raffle Tickets Direct is one of the largest trade producers of raffle tickets in the UK, producing tickets for any event for schools, sports clubs, fetes and many small and large charities throughout the UK.  


If you are producing raffle tickets you must have the right cutting accuracy and the right productivity, which is why Raffle Tickets Direct has installed a Polar N92 Plus at its Irchester plant in Northamptonshire. This new guillotine, which will run flexible day shifts, replaces a 23 year old Polar 76 which has served the company well.


Mark Hinson, managing director of the company, says: “The old guillotine could only cut 500 sheets whereas the new one will handle1,000 easily so this will help relieve any bottlenecks. It will handle work from our Speedmasters (SM52-4 and SM52-2) and from our digital presses. We can produce 250 to millions of tickets, working for schools, football clubs, charities and the trade.”


The Polar 92N Plus is a high-speed cutter which features a touch screen console and full colour display. This model can handle a broad range of substrates with a diagonal measurement of up to 920mm. The Optiknife system makes knife changing quick and easy.



The company has been a Heidelberg customer since its parent company Prestige Printing was established in 1989. That loyalty, coupled with the performance of Polar cutting technology, is what ensured the choice of guillotine this time around. 


Raffle Tickets Direct can offer advice on the legal requirements required for raffle ticket production and its staff undertake quality checks as standard before orders leave the premises.