Did you know that the first really usable Internet browser wasn't launched until 1993? But by 1995 we had Amazon, by 1998 Google, and by 2001, Wikipedia, at which point there were 513 million people online. Today, almost half of the world’s population (some 3.5 billion people) is connected online, and as such online advertising has now become an essential element of the modern marketing mix.


You might have circulation and readership data for a print publication, but what you can’t possibly know is who actually saw your ad; or if they visited your website; if they researched more of your products; or whether or not your ad actually generated any leads. Online advertising gives you all of this and more. 


Your customers, competitors, and prospects are all online; perhaps it’s time you were too. 



Ad Positions Google Reference Size Cost

Top Header Square - 2 positions

(run of site)

Small Square

200px x 200px


Home Page Strip Ads - 2 positions

Large leaderboard

970px x 130px


In Article Sidebar Ad or Podcast Page

(where corporate packages are not showing)

Vertical rectangle

240px x 400px


In Article Strip Ad or Podcast Page

(where corporate packages are not showing)


970px x 250px




The Corporate Package Digital Online Content Includes: Cost

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Featured Content, Lead Generation Quick Quote Form, Company/Brand Bio, In Article Sidebar & Strip Ads and Related Stories.