We here on the Corel team know that the sign making and large format print industries have made CorelDRAW a staple in graphics production. With every release, we strive for new ways to make the design process easier, while helping you deliver the perfect output, every time.


Every decision we make is driven by our desire to have a direct impact on how digital printers work. With the new suite, we focused on the core elements of the application that we know you rely on, while delivering exciting innovations that are truly shaking things up in the industry. As product manager, I’m thrilled to have the chance to walk you through the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017.



Make the most of the latest technology


Core technologies driving the graphics world are evolving at an astonishing rate. So when we created this version, we made sure you could take full advantage of these developments and make the most of your investment in new tools and accessories that are essential to your workflow. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 delivers support for the latest technologies including advanced stylus and touch-enabled devices, the Microsoft Surface Dial, and Ultra HD 5K monitors. And if you prefer working on a tablet, you’re going to love our new Touch workspace.


Bringing the power of artificial intelligence to the vector workflow



Of course, supporting the latest hardware and tech is just the start. We're particularly excited to introduce you to new features in the suite, including LiveSketch, the industry's first drawing tool that's powered by artificial intelligence. 


LiveSketch interprets your hand-drawn strokes and allows you to transform the creativity of free-form sketching into precise vector curves. Designed for use with a pen, but also compatible with your mouse, LiveSketch offers an enjoyable and natural drawing experience that brings a new, tactile dimension to a vector-based environment. Shapes now respond to you in ways that were never before possible. Almost like clay, you can now create vectors that are malleable and organic.


We know graphics professionals have trained themselves to think of their designs in terms of math — geometric shapes, polylines and Bezier curves. And while these are the tools of the trade, we also know that many still choose to start designs on paper and then recreate them in CorelDRAW. As powerful as vector graphics are, most of us still form our ideas and connect with our creativity by simply picking up a pen and sketching it out. Our team understands that you can never underestimate the power of a doodle. Give LiveSketch a try and we bet you've never experienced a more powerful and natural way of working with vector graphics. This is a new environment where technology, in effect, disappears.



Keeping an eye on the essentials to help you work faster


Of course, LiveSketch is just one of the ways users will want to work with and create graphics. The node continues to be a critical part of the graphics professional’s creative process. With that in mind, we've made dramatic changes to node, handles and vector previews in CorelDRAW 2017, so it’s faster and

more intuitive to work with and edit your designs. Now, each node type is assigned a unique shape, so you can quickly identify cusp, smooth, and symmetrical nodes. Vector previews for nodes and curves have been enhanced to stand out against background colours in the artwork. Interactive sliders for object fills and transparencies have also been enhanced to be more visible. With these updates, you’ll be working faster than ever.


Whether a piece of work is destined for the web, a digital sign, a billboard or print, text will likely be an essential part of getting the message across. That’s why CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is designed to simplify working with text, whether it’s managing and creating font collections, choosing the perfect font for a project, refining the look of text until it’s just right, or ensuring that there are no problems when handing off a design for printing.


In the end, we know the reason so many companies turn to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is because our team recognises that for every user we have, there's a different workflow with different needs. We take great pride in giving businesses the flexibility to work in whatever way best suits their projects. Users’ custom workspaces are critical to their productivity and ultimately their bottom line. That’s why we’ve made it so simple to reuse CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT workspaces that were created in X6, X7, and X8.


One comprehensive suite for all your graphics needs


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a staple in graphics production because it gives businesses everything they need, specifically tailored to the graphics and digital printing markets. The package has grown over the years and with version 2017 it comes complete with CorelDRAW for vector design, Corel PHOTO-PAINT for professional image editing, Corel Font Manager, Corel PowerTRACE for raster-to-vector conversion, and much more. Of course, the suite takes advantage of the Corel print engine to deliver powerful capabilities including colour management, separations, pre-press, font management, and pre-flighting. 


Work with any file and get the quality output your clients demand


If you asked a sign maker or digital printer why CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is so important to their business, a few reasons would consistently come up. For one, they love how easy it is to work with files from a variety of formats. You’d probably also hear about the confidence they have outputting their work to large-format printers, engraving machines, glass or vinyl cutters, and silk-screen or Direct to Garment (DTG) printers.


With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017, we continue to offer industry leading file format support (more than 170 file formats) to ensure that you can handle any file your client throws at you. Our renowned colour-management system takes the guesswork out of producing the colours you were expecting. Plus, we’ve partnered with industry leading print companies like Roland to make sure you’ll get colour-true artwork on deadline.


It’s never been easier to make a move to the new CorelDRAW Graphics Suite


To help you serve your clients best, we’ve made it simple to keep up with the latest software. Businesses can choose from two flexible purchase options. Go with the Subscription option, and you can pay a monthly or annual fee that ensures that you’re working with the latest version as long as your subscription is active. Or choose the Perpetual License, which simply requires a one-time payment to license the product permanently and also gives you the option of signing up for the Upgrade Program, which assures you’ll always be working with the latest design tools, file compatibility, and most current technology. 


Words can only do the suite so much justice. If you want to see what CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2017 can do for your printing business, I invite you to visit www.coreldraw.com for a free 15-day trial. Whether you've used CorelDRAW for decades or you’re new to the software, we can’t wait to see what you’ll create with this new version!