In recent years the personalised product and gift market has flourished. In the UK the market for personalised gifts is now worth more than £1 billion annually, and in Europe it is worth between £6 and £7 billion as high- street retailers, bespoke specialists, online shops and major brands embrace the potential to add more personalised offerings to their ranges. 


The business-to-consumer consumer market is the principal driver behind the rise in popularity of personalised custom printed products, as consumers today are no longer content to simply buy an item off-the-shelf, especially if there is the possibility to customise or to personalise that item. 


The digital era has also handed additional power to the consumer, including more choice and increased access to information. Empowered by social networks and their digital devices, consumers are increasingly dictating what they want, when and where they want it.They have become both critics and creators, demanding a more personalised service and expecting to be given the opportunity to shape the products and services they consume. 


Entering ‘personalised gifts’ into a web browser will reveal an exhaustive list of companies offering personalised giftware, bespoke domestic items, gadgets, garden and homeware, wedding gifts, sporting goods, cushions, bags of all shapes and sizes, bottle openers, pens, photo frames, t-shirts and numerous other products that can all be further enhanced by adding custom graphics, photographs and text. 


With modern digital printing techniques such as UV printing, dye sublimation transfer printing, direct-to-garment t-shirt printing, and digital embroidery, almost anything can be personalised on demand today. 


Given that personalisation is such a lucrative market, it’s natural that any print based business looking for new revenue streams might look to move into this space as the demand for personalised printed products continues to grow unabated. However, while anybody can start an online business and reach consumers around the globe, it is not an easy path for print service providers (PSPs) to tread. 


Selling online is a completely different animal altogether, and PSPs looking to succeed online with personalised gifts will need to learn to stop selling print and start selling value. 


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