Designed and built by Fujifilm, the Jet Press 720S harnesses ink-jet technology to commercial printing. It prints up to B2 on standard litho paper, uses eco-friendly water-based inks, and it produces results on short runs that are equal to litho and better than anything digital that has gone before. Therefore when Suffolk-based printer Kingfisher Press installed its Jet Press 720S in March 2017, it signified a bold step forward for the company and its co-directors Jon Doidge and Paul Tomlin. 


“We had reached a bit of an impasse – our litho work was static and we decided that we had three choices as to how to proceed,” explained Tomlin at the time. “We could buy nothing and continue as we were, running the risk that our competitors would start to leave us behind; we could invest in a new litho press, which would offer us a slight improvement in speed and quality; or we could invest in a Jet Press 720S and open up a whole new revenue stream. When we looked at it like that, it wasn’t a difficult decision.”



“Prior to investing in the Jet Press, we had multiple small accounts who weren’t even asking us to quote on their short run work,” adds Jon Doidge. “We just didn’t have the capability to compete for short run, high quality work – and given current trends we knew that this sort of work was going to become an increasingly large part of the overall marketplace. Thanks to the Jet Press, we’re not only taking that work on, we’re also moving many jobs off our litho presses, freeing them up for the much longer run work they’re best suited to.


“Lots of customers have got in touch out of the blue to ask us for samples, and we’ve produced a huge range of work for new and existing customers, including high-end photobooks, short runs of presentation folders and collateral for the pharmaceutical and property markets. Customer feedback on the quality has been universally positive and having a digital option that is a true quality match for litho has revolutionised our business in just a few short months.


“The Jet Press is not just an extra piece of kit for us, it’s an entry point to a whole new revenue stream, both with existing customers and new ones. Even without any concerted marketing to let people know about it, word is getting around and we’re already very close to hitting the ambitious monthly production targets we had set for ourselves – with well over half of that being work that we simply could not have delivered without the Jet Press.”